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You want your employees happy, Bosàbé Catering makes it easy for you by offering 100% customized solutions, according to your specific needs.

This is the case for example of Typeform, with whom we collaborate every day for its almost 200 employees with organic products and healthy recipes.

This is their feedback:

Foto Maite Otero

Maite Otero

Workplace Manager – Typeform
Foto Silvia Milazzo

Silvia Milazzo

Office Assistant – Typeform

– Why have you chosen Bosàbé Catering?

We have been doing a very long and exhaustive tender process in which, in addition to the quality of the food – which is our priority – we have also valued the experience, the coherence with our company culture, adaptability and customer service and, of course, the price! Without a doubt, Bosàbé Catering was the company that best suited our needs, and we are very demanding!

– Any element that exceeds your expectations?

The human treatment, the attention to detail and the willingness to accept our feedback is delighting us.

– Do you notice a change in the satisfaction of your employees?

Yes, they are especially very happy with the salad bar! They feel that the food is healthier and many come to thank us for the change. Overall satisfaction has increased a lot.

– What dishes do you prefer?

I really like their lasagna (and I’m Italian :), the crêpes and all the cod dishes.

– Why the focus on a healthy gastronomy like ours?

At Typeform we believe that the happiness of our employees is a priority. That’s why we want to improve their quality of life, and what better way than providing them with food every day? In this way, nobody has to take tuppers from home and we all save time and money. But, then, why not give them a restaurant ticket? Well, because not only do we want them happy, but we also want them healthy! Would not it be great to be able to have the option of eating a healthy dish every day without having to cook it? Also knowing the origin of the ingredients (proximity and / or ecological)! The Bosàbé Catering philosophy fits perfectly with this purpose.